Claudia Mazzoncini Translations


About Me

Language combinations

Italian and French into English - English and French into Italian.


Semi-specialisations in technology and science; areas of interest include IT, videogames, environmental sciences, zoology, music, food and drink, travel and tourism, and literature.

Academic qualifications

CIoL Diploma in Translation - 2009

MA in English (Merit) - 2012

BA in English Literature (First Class) - 2005

Professional skills

I am a proficient communicator, and have a great eye for detail, excellent writing and research skills, and a strong work ethic. I am highly organised and have no problems in meeting deadlines.

My technical experience includes Microsoft Office, content management systems, website updating, basic HTML and a touch of CSS.

Above all, I am proactive, enthusiastic, curious and have a passion for translation - translation broadens the mind and enriches the heart.

I was born and raised in Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. Switzerland has four national languages (French, German, Italian and Romansh) - whilst Italian is my native language, I started learning French at school when I was six years old, and German and English when I was twelve.

I moved to the UK in my late teens, where I completed my higher education: I have a BA in English Literature (First Class) and an MA in English (Merit). After three years spent in the US, I came back to London and began translating as a volunteer in the early 2000s, gaining my CIoL Diploma in Translation in 2009.

English is now my dominant language, although I have kept alive Italian, my mother tongue, and French. My Swiss multilingual upbringing inspired my passion for communication and nurtured a more intellectual inquisitiveness towards language - it shapes our view of the world, our thoughts and attitudes, it enables us to share ideas and express identity.

My professional background is university administration. I worked for more than ten years in the faculties of science, technology, and art and humanities. Collaborating and liaising daily with international researchers, students and academic institutions, within different disciplines, I became an accomplished communicator, sensitive to cultural and contextual nuances of meaning and interpretation. Indeed, in my MA dissertation I explored how language is a means for the individual to relate to reality and explored the dynamic interaction between social discourses and individual voices.